is for Everyone is for Eaters makes it easy to find the mobile food vendors closest to you right now. Whether you are at your desk or on the go, a real-time map of the city's most unique mobile food vendors lets you find your next meal in seconds. is for Food Trucks

How does no extra work, no extra cost, and no new account to manage sound? Simply tweet your location like you already do and we'll put it on the map, so you can focus on the food.


For even more control, login via Twitter and fine-tune your locations to the inch. We won't (and can't!) send tweets from your account, see your password, or access your DMs, and you can revoke our access at any time.

How it Works

Tweat.It is, at its heart, a mapping visualization engine for Twitter. We read public food vendor tweets as they happen, then use our secret mojo to find any mentioned locations and place them on the map. This happens automatically in real time so you always have up-to-the-minute food truck information awareness.

How do I get on the map?

First, get a food truck. We're sure your restaurant is nice, but we map food trucks. Second, move around. If you park in the same place every day, you don't need us.Third, offer something unique. We love a good hot dog, gyro, or soft-serve ice cream but our focus is on truck food that you can't get anywhere else. Lastly, tweet! We get our data from your public Twitter feed, so if you don't tweet, we can't map you.

If you think you should be on our map and you're not, let us know!

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